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A.11 Wide Text Input-Output

   The package Wide_Text_IO provides facilities for input and output in human-readable form. Each file is read or written sequentially, as a sequence of wide characters grouped into lines, and as a sequence of lines grouped into pages.

Static Semantics

   The specification of package Wide_Text_IO is the same as that for Text_IO, except that in each Get, Look_Ahead, Get_Immediate, Get_Line, Put, and Put_Line procedure, any occurrence of Character is replaced by Wide_Character, and any occurrence of String is replaced by Wide_String.
   Nongeneric equivalents of Wide_Text_IO.Integer_IO and Wide_Text_IO.Float_IO are provided (as for Text_IO) for each predefined numeric type, with names such as Ada.Integer_Wide_Text_IO, Ada.Long_Integer_Wide_Text_IO, Ada.Float_Wide_Text_IO, Ada.Long_Float_Wide_Text_IO.

Extensions to Ada 83

{extensions to Ada 83} Support for Wide_Character and Wide_String I/O is new in Ada 95.

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