Ada Standards

Ada 83 Rationale, LRM, & Guides

Note: The Ada 83 standard has been superceded by Ada 95 and Ada 2005. Click here for the Ada 95 standard and guideline documents and here for Ada 2005 standard and rationale documents.

The Ada83 Standard: Language Reference Manual & Rationale

  • Ada 83 Language Reference Manual (LRM)
    The 83 standards document specifying the form and meaning of programs written in Ada in order to promote the portability of Ada programs to a variety of data processing systems.Mac, .zip
  • Ada 83 Rationale
    Explains the motivation for the language design, and justifies and defends Ada’s position against the other competitive languages and the Ironman (later Steelman) requirements. .zip

Ada 83 Guidelines: Style-Guide

Ada 83 Comments, & Issues

Transitioning to Ada 95

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